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Invest in
Content Creator

Make money while supporting your favorite creators. Reduce creators' reliance on ads, sponsors, and donations. Buy their stock instead.

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Free Content meets the
Free Market

Markets are powerful indicators of public opinion if participants are diverse and many. Advertisers, big tech, and algorithms are the only participants in the digital content market. If we free the market, we free the content.

How Does It Work?

How Does It Work?

Creators make great content on the platform of their choosing.

Users find their favorite creator channel's stock and trade it on the Stockadoo Exchange.


Creators receive a commission on each trade.



Users can make a profit on their trades.

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The channel price fluctuates as people buy and sell the shares. If more people are buying than selling, the price goes up and vice versa.

Monetization is hard.
Ads Suck.
Donations are rare.

The online ad-economy has to go. Ads degrade a user's experience and constrain a content creator's vision. Donation platforms provide minimal incentive for fans to give money for free content. It's no wonder only 0.5% of a creator's following donate on average.

Interested as a creator?

Fans finally get a return on their time invested.

We believe fans are more than consumers of content. Creators need fans to refine their creative vision and spread awareness. Fans are already investors of time, now their time can turn to profit.

Interested as a fan or investor?
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